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Accidents happen, no matter where in the world you are. Accidents will happen.

With that being said, should gun owners be held responsible, and charged for children who get ahold of guns and shoot themselves or someone else?

It is a controversial topic. The guns should have been locked up, out of reach and out of site of the child in the first place. There are many different precautions to be taken for gun safety.

Gun owners have the responsibility of keeping others around them safe, even when it comes to keeping them safe from their own gun.

Last summer Jayden Choate found a gun inside a neighbor’s home in Elgin. The 4-year-old accidentally shot himself in the head and died. Now the owner of that gun, Daniel Henriksen, faces a weapons charge in federal court.

Authorities say Henriksen told police he used marijuana. Federal law prohibits unlawful drug users from possessing guns, even if they don’t have a criminal record. If convicted, the punishment is up to 10 years in prison.

Prosecutors are rightly finding a way to hold the gun owner accountable. Iowa needs more of this. Every single time a minor gets a hold of a gun and shoots himself or others, the firearm owner should be held responsible. Every single time.

Criminally charging these individuals may be the only way to send a message to lock up weapons. This important idea is not getting through to gun owners.

Last year alone,  247 children in the US accidentally shot, and sometimes killed, either themselves or someone else.

We do not need any more gun laws. The liberals would have a field day with that. However, holding gun owners responsible for not being responsible with their gun may help prevent children from getting access to them in the future.

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