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Don’t be mistaken, while we currently live in a new “Golden Age” of gun rights, where more Americans than ever before own a legal firearm, danger lurks around every corner.

The forces of gun control are everywhere and they are constantly searching for ways to undermine our rights. Like a wild animal testing an electric fence for weak points, the gun-grabbing left is always searching for weak points in our defense of the 2nd Amendment.

California is one of the best examples of the way that leftists work to undermine our rights. There are more legal guns and law abiding gun owners in California than any other state in the Union, and yet they continue to elect legislators who want to strip them of their right to bear arms. Many of California’s legislators don’t attack gun ownership, or the 2nd Amendment head-on, instead they choose to write new laws that quietly undermine various aspects of the 2nd Amendment and recently they were at their devious work again.

At the end of August California’s legislators passed a bill that will place Draconian restrictions on gun dealers and not a single legislator, Democrat or Republican, rose to speak against the bill.

Gun owners across the nation noticed, and Gun Owners of America’s (GOA) California chapter, Gun Owners of California (GOC), has decided to do something about the games their politicians are playing.

Gun Owners of California (GOC) thinks it is time to play a little hardball—with our friends.  We are switching things up for 2018—and the change might be painful for politicians whose support of the Second Amendment has been unenthusiastic.

In short, GOC is making a shift in how our legislative scorecard is calculated.  Why? Because each election cycle, we field countless requests for endorsements from legislators and candidates who voice their fist-pumping, fiery commitment to the Second Amendment.  But once elected, it seems much of the enthusiasm wanes. Therefore, while there are a decent number of legislators who have solid voting records, there are very few willing to stand with us when the going gets tough—although that’s precisely when we need them most.  

GOC has decided no legislator gets an “A” unless they either introduce and move pro-Second Amendment legislation forward and/or vocally stand up for us and the Second Amendment community as a whole. Talking the talk just is not enough anymore; they must walk the walk.  We are sick and tired of hearing other issues are more important.

No longer will the GOC allow California’s legislators to pretend to be strong on defending the Constitution, when the reality is that when push comes to shove they’ll stand idly by and watch our rights get trampled.

Hopefully, national organizations like GOA and the NRA will pay attention to what the GOC is doing and adopt a similar policy for our national legislators. Across the country politicians should be put on notice, we will no longer tolerate their weak-kneed antipathy toward our constitutional rights.

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