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In the world of liberal politics, it is somewhat of a tradition to misinterpret and erroneously react to tragedy, all the while exploiting the victims for political gain.

That certainly sounds like a cruel and unfair statement, but I assure you that it is fair more rooted in reality than any of us would like to believe.  The left has always been notoriously emotional when it comes to legislating, which, in a system of checks and balances is often seen as a hinderance to the congressional process.

Such has been the case with the Second Amendment for ages, as every single incident of gun use or abuse is turned into some excuse to spout off about the possibility of nullifying the right to bear arms.

In Florida in February, a mental illness rampage has similarly been exploited by the liberal world in order to vilify American firearms.  Now, the Sunshine State is taking things to another level entirely with state sponsored gun seizures.

A judge granted a Tallahassee Police Department request to confiscate the guns of a man with a history of mental illness and making threats to hurt others.

The TPD filing Friday morning is the first in Leon County under a new law enacted following the Valentine’s Day massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School intended to give law enforcement more power to take firearms from people with mental health issues.

TPD’s attorney Teresa Flury filed the petition against 21-year-old Christopher Mark Newhouse Jr. Leon County Circuit Judge J. Lee Marsh granted the petition Friday afternoon saying Newhouse “poses a significant danger of causing personal injury to himself or others in the near future.”

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Certainly, the wording of this particular report is meant to invoke only the positive aspects of this totalitarian piece of legislature, and ignores the potential for abuse inherent within.

We must never grant the government access to our personal belongings simply because of a violent act, as the possibility that this given inch will become a stolen mile is far too great.  Our government has lied to, cheated on, and stolen from our nation’s people in the past, in some truly horrific ways, all because we allowed them to encroach upon us.

We must never forget that these men and women of the legislature are nothing more than public servants who are hired to do our bidding – not their own.  When the time comes to pull their ticket, for any reason, we mustn’t hesitate.  Without such forethought, the system becomes ripe for the corrupt and the wicked.


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