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The brilliant folks at 2nd Vote have finally devised a method to answering the age old question – do guns kill people, or do people kill people?

Anti-freedom leftists have always argued that guns were dangerous and that their mere existence threatened the lives of billions. Meanwhile, on the right, we have long rebutted these claims by pointing out that even if no guns existed, people would find new and diabolical ways to threaten, maim, and murder each other. The debate has raged for years, and neither side seems to have yielded an inch.

However, 2nd Vote finally has a way to figure out who is right and who is wrong. Introducing, the Gun Cam.

The progressive left insists that guns, and not people, are the source of violence, so we’ve devised a sensible test to observe the true nature of a gun.

We need you to help us monitor this legal gun around the clock and document any acts of violence it commits.

If, after careful observation, this gun has demonstrated no criminal intent or attempt to cause injury, we will conclude that this gun is “safe.” 

There is also a link to a giveaway, where 2nd Vote is giving its fans the opportunity to win their very own, very safe gun.

Here’s the truth; the gun cam is a silly but simple way to illustrate the fact that a gun is nothing more than a tool. All tools can be used for good or evil, and it’s not the tool that should be blamed for the way it is used. We don’t blame planes for bombing civilian targets in war, we don’t blame trains for hauling millions of innocent people to their deaths, we don’t blame cars for drunk driving deaths, and we don’t blame forks for heart disease. The problem with gun violence, isn’t the guns.

2nd Vote  has some more evidence to back up their claim:

Legal gun owners are one of the safest demographics in the country. Compared to abortion, medical error, tobacco use, and other factors, the association of legal gun ownership  with annual fatality rates is virtually nonexistent.

The facts are definitive, guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Sadly, just because we have definitive proof doesn’t mean the left will give up their faulty arguments any time soon.

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