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We have seen no shortage of terribly misguided and short-sighted attempts at infringing upon our inalienable right to bear arms in 2018.

Certainly, much of this can be traced back to the emotional attacks of the liberal left in the wake of several mental health incidents earlier in the year.  In a great many of these cases, young, male outcasts began acting strangely, drawing concerns from those closest to them about the possibility of coming violence.  As these friends and loved ones reached out, the authorities simply failed to respond, allowing these clearly deranged individuals free reign to do whatever it is that they choose to.

Omar Mateen, the shooter from the Pulse Nightclub incident, was even living under the same roof as an FBI informant for over a decade before his rampage that killed nearly 50 innocent club patrons.

These preventable crimes have been the basis for the recent push in liberal propaganda against the Second Amendment, including in locales as far away as Hawaii, where the democratic gun grabbers just scored another regrettable victory.

Gov. David Ige, a Democrat, approved a pair of measures on Monday to make Hawaii’s already tough gun laws even tougher.

The bills, SB 2046 and SB 2436, outlaw a host of bump stocks and similar accessories while cutting the time allowed for mandatory firearm surrenders down from 30 days to a week. Both proposals passed the state legislature with broad support.

“I’m proud that Hawai‘i has one of the lowest rates of gun violence in the nation thanks to our strict gun laws,” said Ig in the signing ceremony at the State Capitol. “At the same time, we must protect the rights of gun owners and hunters to own and use guns safely. This legislation will help us uphold the rights of gun owners while keeping guns out of the hands of mentally unfit individuals.”

The bump stock ban regulates not only the eponymous and controversial firearm accessory but also multi-burst trigger activators, and trigger cranks as well as any part “designed or functions to accelerate the rate of fire of a semiautomatic firearm.” Violators would be subject to a class C felony, with a punishment of as many as five years’ imprisonment and a fine of up to $10,000.

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The bump stock ban has gone even further than some of its counterparts on the mainland as well, giving current owners no grandfather clause for their devices.  Instead, Hawaiian authorities are giving these Americans 30 days to turn in their firearms before confiscation will begin.

Say “Aloha” to the Second Amendment, Hawaii.  You didn’t get lei’d, but you definitely got screwed.



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