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Barack Obama and Michael Bloomberg have been the best thing that ever happened to fun sales. Under Obama’s 8-year reign of terror, gun sales soared to record highs. Hillary Clinton is also on the anti-gun bandwagon. While Sec. of State, she signed a couple of UN treaties that combined could have ended all private gun ownership in America. Thankfully, the Senate refused to ratify any of those treaties. Now one person explains how Hillary motivated them to buy an AR-15.

I’m a casual gun owner.

I don’t own a handgun, because I don’t need it. Most of my guns are long arms inherited from family. Until recently, only one was military in any form – a Korean War era M1 Garand – for which I have several cans of military surplus ammunition. I also have some shotguns, of various gages.

I believe in gun rights, and I have a perfectly clear understanding of what the founding fathers intended for gun rights. They were big fans of “inalienable rights,” the chief of which is the right to defend yourself from others who might want to take those rights.

They were clear that you need the tools to fight back against someone who might take your rights, that’s the fundamental basis of the second amendment. It was not the right to hunt squirrels with muskets – it was a hedge against tyranny. The tools may change, but the right stays the same.

As shown, the arguments used by Clinton and others to push gun control and banning of weapons like assault and assault-style rifles, are bogus at best and outright lies at worst. Facts don’t support the false rhetoric used by politicians like Clinton. If anything, those arguments can and do, spur people to purchase the very weapons that anti-American activists like Clinton push to ban.



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