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For 15 months in a row, gun sales have hit a record high. I can’t say that surprises me though. I mean, have you seen the liberal presidential candidate? Hillary freaking Clinton. If that is not an indication of how horribly things could end, I don’t know what is!

She has repeatedly spoken about how the 2nd amendment is wrong and that she wants to enforce more gun control

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Look at what happened around this time in 2008. Gun owners feared then-Senator Barack Obama would become President. It was only a matter of time before he began his tirade against the Second Amendment when he took office.

Around summer 2008, I remember going with my dad to buy ammo in bulk. Every 4-6 weeks we were purchasing a different caliber of ammo: .9mm, .38 Special, .22, .223. If we were near a gun store while we were out, we would stop to see what was in stock and how much it was being sold for. If there was a deal going on, we took advantage of it.

And guess what? In early 2009, Obama cashed in on his campaign promises by pressing for a new assault weapons ban.

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This isn’t a new trend. The skyrocketing of gun sales stays pretty steady with the constant threat of them being taken away.

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