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Maybe it’s the California air smothering Tinseltown, or perhaps it’s the blurred line between celebrity and political clout, but Hollywood is no fan of the 2nd Amendment…they just love guns though.

Sure, this sounds hypocritical on its face, and that’s fine for Hollywood.  Remember, these are the multi-millionaires who are paid to make believe, after all.

The most common argument for Tinseltown’s confusion comes at the expense of personal security.  While these stars continually espouse an anti-gun ideology, their personal security staff are armed to the teeth and trained to shut down sketchy situations aggressively and swiftly.

But still, there is another problem with Hollywood’s anti-gun rhetoric:  They spend millions and millions of dollars to create films that absolutely glorify gunplay.

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Take the case of Matt Damon, an actor who absolutely despises the 2nd Amendment, yet is most famous for unloading unknown amounts of firepower portraying the fictional Jason Bourne in movies.

“Of course, Damon is hardly the only actor to advocate for reformed gun laws, while simultaneously making an enormously lucrative living wielding the weapons on screen. Charlize Theron has long been openly anti-gun, having almost been shot by her own father, who was himself shot and killed in self-defense, by her mother. In 2014, she even convinced then boyfriend Sean Penn to scrap his massive collection of ‘cowardly killing machines.’ Last year, Theron starred in Atomic Blonde, as the armed an lethal heroine, ‘with a body count higher than her chain-encrusted high-heeled boots.’ This month, Liam Neeson will open yet another Taken-esque thriller wherein a middle-aged guy in a suit unwittingly winds up a one-man killing machine. Yet Neeson, perhaps more than any celebrity, has declared himself not only pro-gun control, but anti-Second Amendment, full stop. ‘It is the right to bear arms that is the problem,’ he claimed. America’s gun culture, ‘[is] a f—king disgrace.'”
“Neither of these action stars, nor any of their peers, has ever publicly expressed a conflict in demanding fewer guns in America, while promoting even more of them in Hollywood. It’s rare they’re even asked to consider it, and when the issue does arise, the answer is typically a resounding ‘no comment.’ Even Damon — who’s proven himself unable to withhold commentary on many issues — saw nothing amiss in calling for a gun ban while sitting beside a poster of himself with his finger on the trigger. ‘I would hate to see [the movie] be politicized.’”
Worse still, however, is the glamorization of guns that these actors and actresses commit.
The movies they star in and help to produce aren’t only movies with gratuitous gun use, but irresponsible gun use worst of all.
Perhaps this is where the dissonance lies, however.  Do Theron and Damon believe that the world of 2nd Amendment advocates is full of wannabe Jason Bourne-types throwing weapons around and firing indiscriminately into the world around them?


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