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Back in January, a pair of House Republicans introduced the Hearing Protection Act, a move to recognize that gun suppressors (silencers) actually help protect against hearing loss and therefore, should be legalized nationwide. They were banned back in 1934. Since January, the Hearing Protection Act has gone nowhere, but now the act may get some knew life as the House Subcommittee on Natural Resources.

Breitbart News reported that that Hearing Protection Act was introduced by Representatives Jeff Duncan (R-SC-3) and John Carter (R-TX-31) on January 9, 2o17. The legislation recognizes the hearing protection benefits for firearm suppressors and removes them from the purview of the National Firearms Act (1934) to make the process of acquiring one less cumbersome for law-abiding citizens.

According to Politico, Duncan has now included the suppressor legislation in the Sportsmen Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act (SHARE Act) and “a ‘discussion draft’ of SHARE Act will be reviewed by…[the subcommittee] on Wednesday.”

Duncan held a demonstration of how suppressors work for some of his colleagues at a U.S. Capitol Police shooting range last week. He spoke about his legislative push on suppressors, saying:…

I’ve known many a shooter who ended up losing some or all of their hearing after years of sport shooting and hunting. Many hunters don’t want to wear ear plugs or protectors as they want to hear what’s moving around them. If firearm suppressors were legalized, many hunters and sport (target) shooters may opt to use a suppressor to reduce the damage to their hearing.

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