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Barack Obama tried to ban guns and deny Americans of their 2nd Amendment rights. When he failed to do so through congressional action, he sought other means, often more subversive than the public realized. One of those subversive tactics was to issue a regulation banning certain Social Security disability recipients from owning guns. That regulation is about to be nullified if the Senate passes the measure that just passed the House.

The House voted to roll back an Obama era regulation that mandated the Social Security Administration reveal information about people with mental illness through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). The measure passed 235 to 180.

The intention of the regulation, put forth during the final days of President Obama’s term, instructed the SSA to show information about individuals with mental illnesses would be deemed incapable of owning a firearm.

However, critics of the rule say that the SSA went out of bounds with the regulation and denied due process to Americans with disabilities.

“The Social Security Administration not only overstepped its mission with this regulation, it discriminated against certain Americans with disabilities who receive Social Security benefits. The agency should be focused on serving all of its beneficiaries, not picking and choosing whose Second Amendment rights to deny,” Texas Republican Rep. Kevin Brady, chairman of the ways and means committee, said.

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