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Does a public housing authority have the right to demand that none of their residents have a gun? That’s the question being asked about a public housing authority in Bradenton, Florida, after a tragic shooting in one of their homes. Shortly after one young teenaged brother shot his brother the housing authority told the media that they have a ‘strict’ no firearms policy. Is that legal?

This tale began tragically this week when a 13-year-old Bradenton, Florida boy shot and killed his 12-year-old brother. The family is in our thoughts and prayers.

The shooting remains under investigation.

The boys’ family live in public housing owned by the Bradenton Housing Authority.

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To be clear, the family lives in what the housing authority calls “scatter-site” housing — a single-family home owned by the BHA but managed by a private firm, Bradenton Village…

If states are not allowed to require a photo ID for voting because it violates the rights of poor people, then shouldn’t the strict banning of firearms by a public housing authority also be a rights’ violation? That’s the issue that has surfaced at this Florida housing authority. Just because the people are poor, should not give the public housing authority the right to trample on their constitutional rights.




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