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An Illinois gun control group argues that federal safety regulations for manufacturing toys are stricter than those for firearms.


The spot, created for the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence, opens with a dark outline immediately identifiable as a teddy bear, then pans out and brightens until it is clear as the “toy” rotates it is built around a revolver, the muzzle and loaded cylinder pointed at the fourth wall.

“Teddy bears need to follow strict safety manufacturing guidelines,” says the narrator. “Scores of safety regulations. Ninety pages of requirements. Numerous rules. Across federal and state regulatory bodies. Unless that teddy bear is a gun.”

The website pushed by the spot does not propose more gun manufacturing regulation, but instead stumps for expanded background checks on all gun sales and increased CDC research on gun deaths at the federal level coupled with an Ilinois-centric drive for state licensing of FFLs and a “Lethal Gun Violence Order of Protection Act,” similar to mandatory gun restraining order laws passed in Washington and California in the past few years.



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