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When it comes to experimenting with the Second Amendment, Illinois’ record on the subject is a bit ugly.

Chicago’s 1982 ban on handguns was absolutely one of the most horrific disasters to ever befall a modern American city.  The government in the Windy City, controlled nearly wholly by democrats at the time, removed protection from the hands of law-abiding Chicagoans, thusly allowing the city’s vast criminal underbelly to run amok, unfettered by the fear that a victim would ever shoot back.

The move was criminal, in all likelihood, although I doubt that we shall ever see such justice brought to light.

Thankfully, after 32 long years, the left finally and quietly admitted defeat, and rescinded the archaic and unfounded law.  Now, pushing 5 years between the reinstatement of gun rights in Chicago, the city still hasn’t fully recovered, and may never will.  Shootings occur in the city at all hours of the day, and at all manner of events.

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The latest gun violence trend is the shooting up of gang member funerals, and this heinous and unholy act has become all too common in “Chiraq”.

“Chicago-area officials trying to prevent funerals for gang members from turning into shootouts say the issue has gotten so far “out of control” that one cemetery has started hiring off-duty police officers.

“Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart met Thursday with political, religious and funeral industry leaders to discuss the problem following a funeral procession in December that was marred by gunfire.

“‘It’s getting out of control, it really is,’ Hillside Police Chief Joseph Lukaszek told FOX 32. ‘The gangs just think that it’s a safe haven for them and they do whatever they want to do.’

“Dart – who hopes to come up with proposals ready to be put into action by May – says the shootings have been escalating ‘over the last ten to 15 years from where it was not much of a problem… to now it occurs more frequently.’”

Given some of the state’s legislators prevalence for erring on the side of no guns, rallies to the support the Second Amendment remain necessary in Illinois.

“Hundreds of gun owners and others gathered outside the Macon County Justice Center Sunday to rally for gun rights.

“’The reason the Second Amendment is after the First Amendment is because the Second Amendment is the foundation,’ said Tim Bell. ‘If they keep chipping away at our Second Amendment rights, then eventually we won’t have freedom of speech and religion.’

“Organizers said the event was not meant as a protest and had a festive atmosphere.

“’The common misconception about gun people is that we’re all running out the back door shooting shotguns in the air,’ said organizer Jim Owens. ‘If you look around, there’s 300 some people here. There are mothers here, there’s women … I’ve put through concealed carry classes, they’re here with their children.’”

The scene was a far cry from the nonsensical picture being painted by the liberal media of gun owners as backwoods yokels and ignorant right wing lunatics.


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