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It isn’t often that we find ourselves applauding the way in which the state of Illinois is handling the gun rights of their citizens.

Most famously, Chicago, the Windy City that many Americans mistake as the capital of Illinois, has been dealing with the violent and horrifying repercussions of their own terribly conceived handgun ban.  While the ban itself was finally abolished in 2014, it had already stood for 32 years, allowing ample opportunity for the ne’er do wells of the Chicago underground to smuggle illicit, illegal firearms into the city.  All the while, the law abiding and unarmed populace had no legal way to defend themselves.

Now, it seems that Illinois may be headed in the right direction for a second time in recent years, as the state Supreme Court has struck down yet another of the state’s restrictive infringements.

“The Illinois Supreme Court took another bite out of the state’s gun laws on Thursday, ruling that a provision barring firearms near public parks is unconstitutional.

“The high court’s unanimous ruling builds on a series of cases it has decided since 2013, when it struck down a portion of the state’s felony gun law that calls for serious penalties for anyone caught toting a loaded gun outside their home. The justices ruled that section of the state law violated the Second Amendment right to publicly carry loaded firearms. In a separate ruling two years later, justices further clawed back the law — this time setting aside restrictions to carrying loaded guns on the streets, sidewalks and other ‘public ways.'”

Given the recent concerns over mysterious disappearances in our nation’s national parks, this ruling will have many outdoors enthusiasts applauding.

Furthermore, it gives hopes to the millions of Illinois residents who have been wary of how their state was handling the epidemic of violence created by the 32 year handgun ban in Chicago.


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