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It’s a sad commentary on our nation that one of the most conservative states in the nation, Indiana, is still debating whether or not “to allow” their citizens to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights.

Now, to be fair, just twenty years ago almost no state in the nation allowed “Constitutional Carry” (only Vermont allowed it at the time). Our country has been shifting far (and quickly) to the right, on this issue, over the last 20 years and more states have been embracing the Constitution with each passing year. Today 13 states have embraced Constitutional Carry and a handful of others are considering doing so. Also, in most of the rest of the nation states have loose restrictions on who can attain a license to carry.

As you can see by the map below this is a huge swing from just 30 years ago when it was difficult to get a license to carry in most of the nation.

By Jeff Dege, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link


With 13 other Constitutional Carry states and a few other states now weighing their own Constitutional Carry measures, Indiana is little late to the party. But, as they say, better late than never.

Republican state Rep. Jim Lucas explains why Indiana conservatives are pressing the change:

“We have the state that is forcing an innocent person to get online, apply for a license, go get fingerprinted. They have to take a half day or full day off work and pay a fee to the state to exercise a constitutional right.”

Lucas is right, it’s absolutely ridiculous that law abiding citizens be forced to pay a fee and ask permission from the state to exercise their God-given right.

Rachel Guglielmo of the leftwing anti-freedom, anti-gun Moms Demand Action simply cannot believe that some of her fellow Americans would want to have more freedom for their neighbors.

“I’m kind of flabbergasted that they would even be considering this idea,” said Guglielmo. “I have three kids and I worry about their safety and I worry about the safety of our communities.”

She doesn’t say why she’s worried but the assumption is that she thinks her law abiding gun owning neighbors are going to shoot her kids once they have the freedom to not apply for a license when they carry their guns.

This is nonsense.

In Indiana these folks can already own a gun, no carry license needed, so if she thinks they’ll somehow become MORE dangerous because they don’t have to apply for a carry license, that is simply illogical.

More freedom is ALWAYS better. Indiana should embrace liberty and defend Constitutional Carry.

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