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Indiana lawmakers are being circumspect, but there is simply no doubt that they are edging ever closer to “Constitutional Carry.” While this would be another major victory for liberty, it comes with no small amount of risk. While more than a dozen other states have already passed Constitutional Carry protections, allowing law abiding citizens to carry a firearm without a permit, Indiana borders Illinois and would immediately become the most visible Constitutional Carry state.


Because Illinois already blames most of their gun violence on their neighbors. The state claims that most of the gun violence that occurs within their borders, particularly in the violent city of Chicago, is the fault of less fascist surrounding states like Indiana and Iowa. In these states citizens are free to exercise their rights and the leftists in Illinois hate them for it.

So you can understand, why it took the legislators in Indiana the entire summer to ‘suggest’ moving forward with approving Constitutional Carry in their state.


After a summer of meetings, the Joint Committee on Judiciary and Public Policy voted 15-5 in favor of urging the General Assembly to “remove hurdles that restrict the ability of law-abiding Hoosiers to exercise” their right to bear arms. While the panel urged keeping the current system of concealed carry permitting in place “for reciprocity purposes” it did not outright endorse permitless concealed carry. However, some on the panel see the recommendation as a victory.

Indiana’s House Republicans issued the following statement, from State Rep. Jim Lucas (R-Seymour):

“I believe it’s wrong to require a license to exercise a Constitutional right. I plan to introduce Second Amendment legislation known as Constitutional Carry that would eliminate this cumbersome and expensive burden on innocent, law-abiding Hoosiers. The only people who would be affected by this would be those innocent people that currently have to fill out lengthy forms online, take time off work to get fingerprinted and pay a fee of up to $140 to get a card to prove their innocence — all to receive a license. I look forward to this upcoming session where I can bring this piece of legislation to the House of Representatives to consider as I work to give the people of Indiana the ‘right to bear arms for defense of themselves and the state.’”

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