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As if it weren’t painfully and tragically obvious before, there is no reason to believe that, in the 21st century, criminals will adhere to our nation’s laws.

It is simply a matter of reality, and semantic fact, that outlaws don’t obey the law.  So, when the law of the land states that schools and churches are “gun free zones”, how on earth would you even begin to actively enforce that?

Those signs means little more than enhanced strictness of sentencing for those caught with firearms on the property, but how in the world is that meant to be a deterrent to those who would commit atrocities within the designated “safe” spaces?

Truly, the only way to fully protect these gatherings from “bad guys” with guns is to allow “good guys” to also be armed.  It’s a simple truth, but nearly half of the nation doesn’t understand it.

That’s why Indiana lawmakers are taking steps to prevent such horrific violence from occurring to the state’s children and faithful.

“Churchgoers would have broader permission to be armed while worshipping under a bill approved by the Indiana Senate.

“Current Indiana law makes it a felony to carry a gun at a church if it is located on school grounds. The measure by Republican Sen. Jack Sandlin of Indianapolis would allow worshippers to have guns at those locations so long as it is during services.

“Designated volunteers and employees would be allowed to carry a gun at all times. The bill would still allow churches to ban attendees from being armed in the pews.”

Given the recent spate of church shootings, notably in Texas and in South Carolina, the concept of pistols in the pews has come to the forefront of society.

We have to be honest with ourselves as Americans.  The 2nd Amendment is far too powerful and poignant to be neutered in the way that the liberals consistently suggest, and there is no sudden awakening on the horizon for the criminally violent.  Preemptive threats of enhanced sentencing will never work on murderers and mass shooters, as many of these maniacs aren’t even phased by the threat of death.

The only thing we can truly do to protect ourselves from these heathens is to level the playing field…and that’s exactly what Indiana is doing.

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