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One of the more amazing things about the right to bear arms in America is that it allows us to neutralize a situation immediately, especially in instances where our lives are in danger.

While the brave men and women of American law enforcement certainly have an important role to play in our society, there are situations in which even the slightest of dispatch and wait times are too much.  Such was certainly the case in North Carolina this week as an intruder-confronting business owner made not one, but two phone calls to 911.

A garden store owner in Charlotte, North Carolina, called police to report an alleged robbery Monday morning then called back to report he had shot a  suspect.

WBTV reports that police were notified of an alarm was going off at the garden store around 4:30 am. Shortly thereafter the business owner called from his home to say he could see the robbery suspect on in-store surveillance cameras. Within minutes of his first call he called back to say he had shot the suspect.

Officers arrived to find 20-year-old Justin Tyler Anderson behind the garden store, he was pronounced dead.

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In no way are we disparaging the response time of the Charlotte police.  Instead, we are simply pointing out that the Second Amendment was integral to the survival of this particular business and business owner.

While this is not the express, written purpose of the right to bear arms, it certainly has proven to be a fantastic bit of collateral protection against the ne’er do wells in our current society.


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