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Gun control advocates continue to echo the false rhetoric that strict gun control reduces gun violence. They ignore the facts and they ignore history in their effort to push their anti-Second Amendment agenda.

The private ownership of guns was outlawed in Australia and gun violence and other crimes skyrocketed shortly after wards, but gun control advocates turn a blind eye to what happened in Australia.

Los Angeles, Chicago and Baltimore all have very strict gun control laws and are among the nation’s top cities for gun violence and murders. Incidentally, all three cities are sanctuary cities for illegal aliens and all three are run by liberal Democrats.

Jamaica has extremely strict gun control laws. If the argument used by anti-gun advocates is true, you would expect Jamaica to be a safe and peaceful island nation, but it’s not.

The documentary video below offers proof — if proof be needed — that gun control doesn’t work. Despite Jamaica’s “tough” gun control laws, the island nation is awash with illegally held firearms and plagued by endless “gun violence.”

Make no mistake: Jamaican gun control laws are as draconian as The Brady Campaign or Everytown would like them to be stateside. Here’s a bit of history on the subject from

The Suppression of Crime Act allowed the police and the military to work together in a novel way to disarm the people: both soldiers could seal off entire neighbourhoods and policemen could systematically search the houses inside for weapons without a warrant…

An acquaintance of my mine was born and raised in Jamaica and works as a pastor to his people there. He has told me that if I ever travel to Jamaica, to only go in certain areas during the daytime, never at night. He also said to avoid most of the island at night time because of the dangerous situation that exists. He said that even as a pastor, there are areas of the nation that he will not venture into because of the danger.




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