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Back in 2013, the Kansas legislature passed a bill that would take effect this July 1. The bill expanded the places a person could carry a legally permitted concealed weapon. Locations included in the bill are public hospitals. Surprisingly, the Kansas Senate and House, both with large Republican majorities, just passed a bill that would exempt public hospitals from the 2013 law, allowing them to ban legally concealed carry weapons if they choose to do so.

Over objections from the National Rifle Association and some lawmakers, Kansas legislators agreed Thursday that allowing guns in public hospitals crossed a line.

Under a law passed in 2013, hospitals that include the University of Kansas Health System in Kansas City, Kan., would be forced to allow concealed handguns starting in July unless they put certain security measures in place.

But the Senate voted 24 to 16 to let public hospitals continue to be exempted from the law.

“It’s the safest thing for patients,” said Sen. Barbara Bollier, a Mission Hills Republican. “Which should always be what our number one priority is.” …

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback is a Republican, but chances are, he will sign the new bill into law, restricting gun owners’ rights and placing the public in more danger. If hospitals choose to ban concealed carry, it may tent to open them up to being targeted by some crazy whack job that wants to get his/her name in the media or make a statement for some warped political or religious cause.



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