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For years, many gun rights advocates, like myself, have countered the call for more gun control by asking more control or universal background checks for things like buying a car, baseball bat, hammer, screw driver, tobacco products or a knife. Automobiles and tobacco products injure and kill more people than gun do. If the argument that gun control is needed to help reduce gun violence, then logic dictates that automobile, tobacco and knife control should also be imposed to help reduce the injuries and deaths they are involved in.

Gun control advocates generally use the argument about guns causing violence, as if guns had some way of influencing or controlling people to make them shoot other people. I once had a lady tell me that just having a gun in my house means that I’m a violent person who is prone to commit a violent act or kill somebody, just because I owned a gun. Just prior to that, there was a news story about a person who stabbed several other people, so I asked the lady if owning a knife also made someone prone to evil and violence and she said yes, it does. I asked her if she had knives in her kitchen and she admitted she did. Then I asked her if she had a large butcher knife she used to slice up a roast, carve a turkey or cut a watermelon with. Again, she admitted she did, so I told her that according to her own logic, she is a violent person prone to evil and committing a violent act.

She began to argue that her owning a knife was different and that she was not an evil or violent person. I asked her if she was in the kitchen using her butcher knife and a man broke into her house and came at her with the intention of harming or raping her, if she would use her knife to stop him or protect herself with. Of course, she said and I again pointed out that according to her logic, that makes her an evil person prone to violence. She began to protest and I help up my hand and reminded her of what she had said how she had branded me as an evil person prone to violence just because I owned a gun. Her face turned ten shades of red and she finally admitted that she was wrong and apologized.

Sadly, this is the mind set of many liberals who believe guns should be banned. Most of them blame the guns for acts of violence, until someone points out the flaws of their logic. I’ve used knives, baseball bats, hammer, screw drivers, ice picks and even automobiles in the same type of rebuttal to pick apart the arguments used by mindless liberals who support an agenda and repeat the rhetoric they hear without ever thinking about what they are repeating…

As ridiculous as it sounds, knife control is probably coming to the United States, especially if Democrats regain control of Congress and the White House. Great Britain has already started implementing some forms of knife control and historically speaking, the US tends to follow many of the things that first happens in Great Britain.



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