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Louisiana’s legislature is busy trying to pass a bill, HB 223, that would add dating partners to the list of abusive persons that would be denied the right to own a gun. Some are condemning the NRA for opposing the bill, which supposedly is designed to help protect dating partners. However, the way the bill is written, a spurned liberal dating partner could make false accusations of abuse against a person they date and that person would be automatically disarmed. In other words, a liberal could use such false accusations against a gun owning conservative for the sole purpose of political agenda.

I’m a lifelong hunter and outdoorsman, and I believe in the right of citizens to own firearms — responsibly. What I don’t believe are the National Rifle Association (NRA) distortions on behalf of letting violent abusers possess guns.

Right now the NRA is going, well, ballistic trying to kill House Bill 223 by state Rep. Helena Moreno, D-New Orleans. HB 223 would add abusive “dating partners” to the list of persons covered by Louisiana’s domestic abuse battery law.

Moreno’s bill arises from the indisputable fact that thousands of people are abused by lovers and ex-lovers every year in Louisiana, and too often the abused become victims of gun violence.

The Louisiana bill could be used to disarm someone just out of spite and not abuse. While trying to protect someone from an abusive dating partner is a noble concept, this bill is written poorly. Assuredly, it will be used by some liberals just to disarm conservatives. It also doesn’t consider than some abusive dating partners use knives, fists and cars to abuse and kill dating partners or spurned dating partners.



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