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Every time a legal gun owner uses his or her gun to stop a criminal or protect themselves, a loved one or a friend, liberals cringe, because they don’t want the public to hear those stories. They are the gun control fanatics worse nightmare as they totally undermine most of what they are trying to do. Such is the case of the incidents reported below.

Gun control fanatics cringe and get irate every time there is a report of a legally armed citizen using their gun to stop a crime or protect themselves and others from harm. I recall speaking with a man who was very pro-gun control and asked him about all the times that law-abiding people use their guns in self-defense or to stop a crime. His face got red in anger he was trying to hide and then said that he hated it when people use their guns in self-defense. He said he wished they would quit using their guns for good because that only makes it harder to get gun control laws passed. When I asked if people should have the right to defend themselves, he looked me straight in the eye and with a straight and serious look, he said no, they shouldn’t be allowed to own guns and therefore shouldn’t be allowed to defend themselves with a gun. I asked him how people should protect themselves, and he said he didn’t know, but it shouldn’t be with a gun and that was it.

That seems to be the general attitude of many anti-gun Americans. They have no idea how people should defend themselves or stop crimes in actions, but it shouldn’t be with a gun.

I would love to arrange for that guy I talked to a few years ago to meet and talk with the law-abiding citizens…

Gun control fanatics would rather see criminals complete their violent crimes and victimize law-abiding citizens than to see citizens use their legally owned and carried guns to stop the criminals. Their agenda of disarming the American people is more important to them than the safety of you, your family, your home and your friends.



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