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Conservatives are pushing legislation for a national reciprocity act that would require all states to recognize the concealed carry permits issued by other states. This is to avoid someone from crossing a state line with a legal concealed carry weapon from being arrested for having an illegally concealed weapon in the next state. Michael Bloomberg and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel are inciting liberal mayors to fight back against the legislation.

As national reciprocity legislation continues to gain momentum, it is predictably attracting opposition from groups such as the U.S. Conference of Mayors (USCM) and Michael Bloomberg’s “Everytown.” Meeting last week in Miami, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio put forward a resolution for the Conference of Mayors blasting national reciprocity for licensed gun owners. It said in part,

Such legislation is dangerous as it would damage state and local governments’ ability to craft gun laws appropriate to their needs; and … the goals of this legislation are completely antithetical to all of the efforts to reduce and prevent gun violence.

The resolution passed with just two of the mayors present voting no.

Following passage, Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown organization welcomed the news from Miami: …

Every state recognizes driver’s licenses issued by other states, so why not recognize the concealed carry permits from other states? After all, vehicles kill and injure far more people than guns do. Sadly, there have been cases of someone crossing a state line and being arrested for having a concealed weapon without a permit in that state, even though they had one in their own state. National reciprocity would prevent that from happening.



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