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Turn on your television and watch any of the mainstream liberal media news programs and you would come away believing that the majority of Americans favor more gun control. They would have you believing that people want universal background checks, waiting periods and banning of more types of guns from more types of people.

But then you need to understand that you really can’t believe a lot of what the mainstream media reports, because it’s generally not true or factual. Most of the mainstream media outlets have abandoned the principles of good journalism and have taken up the task of being the propaganda brainwashing machine for the anti-American Democratic Party.

A recent poll conducted by the Wall Street Journal and NBC News, both liberal organizations, showed that what they often report is not the truth about how Americans feel on gun control and gun rights.

This week, the Wall Street Journal and NBC News released the results of a 1200 person survey that measured Americans’ opinions on a host of political issues. Included were a handful of questions that gauged Americans’ attitudes on gun rights and gun control. The results should serve to bolster the position of gun rights advocates and prompt bouts of anxiety among anti-gun activists and politicians.

Among the gun-related questions in the survey, respondents were asked to choose which of the following statements concerned them more.

Statement A: The government will go too far in restricting the rights of citizens to own guns
Statement B: The government will not do enough to regulate access to firearms…

What’s interesting is that I know a lot of liberals who are still pro-gun rights. They may be liberal on other issues, but when it comes to their guns, it’s hands off or you just might get shot. I also know a lot of conservatives who will shoot anyone who comes to take their guns away. However, the brainwashing of the mainstream media is doing its job as the poll numbers for those questions are growing closer.



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