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Anti-gun liberals will stoop to anything to push their anti-Second Amendment agenda. One such liberal in Texas wrote a piece for My San Antonio, in which she points to a couple of apparent road rage shootings to make her point that if the state legislature weakens the current requirements to obtain a concealed carry permit, that more law enforcement officers will be shot and killed.

When I moved back to Texas and started a family, I had my share of anxieties, like all new parents. Which car seat is safest? Have I sufficiently childproofed my home?

My fears have changed. I’m now worried my family could be shot and killed as we drive down Texas’ roads and highways.

Tragically, gun violence has too often been bigger in Texas. And in the past two weeks, Texans have watched in horror as four separate road rage shootings have turned our streets deadly.

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17-year-old in Mesquite was shot in the head, apparently after not merging fast enough…

This author admits that she doesn’t know if the persons responsible for the road rage shootings had concealed carry permits, but she still uses those incidents to push her anti-gun agenda. Obviously, this woman hasn’t a clue what she’s talking about. New York City has very strict gun control laws and yet they have seen an increase in attacks and shooting of police since Obama first took office. We need to ban liberal Democrats, not guns.




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