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Liberals have resorted to all kinds of things to push their anti-American, anti-gun agenda. One liberal is using gun violence with kids to push her idea to basically disarm most American homes or leave them vulnerable to burglars and intruders. She wants to see every home in America with kids to get rid of all guns. If guns are to be kept in the house, then she believes they should be unloaded and locked up and the ammunition locked up in a different location.

When you take time to evaluate what some liberals say, you have to wonder if they even have a brain in their head to reason with. They become so blinded by their liberal ideology, that they often lose all common-sense and reason, especially when they place that ideology ahead of the safety and welfare of others, including children.

When you think about many of the things that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer and Michael Bloomberg, have said, it becomes obvious that their agendas supersede reason and common-sense. When it comes to guns, all of them would prefer to leave every law-abiding citizen defenseless against any criminal who chooses to victimize them.

Politicians aren’t the only liberals who have lost their sense of reason and common-sense due to their warped ideology. Tara Haelle, a contributor to Forbes, is one such liberal who seems to have lost all common sense and reason…

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What purpose is there to having a gun for self-protection is you have to keep it unloaded and locked up and you have to keep the ammunition locked up in another location? What do you do if an intruder or intruders break in and threaten you and your family? Does she expect you to tell the intruder(s) to wait while you unlock your gun, unlock your ammunition, load your gun so you can defend yourself? Her solution will put many families in danger.




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