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Of all of the revisionist bits of leftist lunacy we’ve experienced in this nation, the latest from the Smithsonian Magazine may be the most absurd.

When it comes to American history, certain periods stand out as times in which our forefathers truly faced the full adversity of the land around them.  Of course, the first settlers on the east coast were a group that certainly stood tall against a plethora of challenges, as they set to establish themselves in the wilds of this New World.

We also mustn’t forget the brave men and women who rose up against the tyrannical British in the fight for independence of the late 1700’s.

But there is no single period in American history that better defines our nation and its people than the Old West.

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From the romanticized heroism of the journey west, to the rugged, frontier lawmen willing to risk it all to build our nation, we owe a great deal to these intrepid Americans.  Many have become household names that persist today; Doc Holliday, Billy The Kid, Wyatt Earp.

What many of these men have in common is a brief residence in the town of Tombstone, Arizona – site of the incredibly famous shootout at the O.K. Corral, which was a result of Wyatt Earp and his police force attempting to disarm an unruly group of cattlemen turned bandits.

Of course, the left has twisted this tale into a story of how our heroes were proponents of gun control, and have used this example to attempt a massive debunking of the mythos of the 2nd Amendment.

Thankfully for us, we have some historical context to help rebuke their spin.

“…Smithsonian explains that the gunfight at the OK Corral was a result of the Earp brothers seeking to disarm Claiborne, the Clanton brothers, and the McLaury brothers. They told the story as way to highlight Tombstone’s requirement to disarm but completely missed the fact that the impotence of the demand was evidenced in the cowboys’ refusal to do so.

“In other words, while Smithsonian seized on Tombstone’s requirement to disarm as paramount, they overlooked the greater point. Namely, that criminals had no interest in cooperating with it.

“Sound familiar? It should. After all, the violence in gun-controlled Chicago surged to such a level that it skewed national murder numbers in 2016. Chicago had a complete ban on handguns from 1982 to 2010, they have a violence tax, county restrictions on the number of federal licensed gun stores allowed, and, like the rest of Illinois, requirements that residents get a Firearms Owners Identification (FOID) card before being allowed to own a gun. The FOID card does not allow residents to carry a gun for self-defense, they have to jump through another hoop and get a concealed carry permit to do that.”

The analogy to modern day Chicago is far too cogent to ignore, and we mustn’t forget that this was a time before a fully formed civilization had reached the western edge of America.  Earp and his brothers were merely doing what ever they could to keep law-abiding citizens safe from these scavenger-like rapscallions.

Once again, the liberal narrative tends to fall apart under scrutiny, but this longstanding tradition of nonsense will likely not end anytime soon.



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