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A liberal post pointed out that 35 of the 50 states allow guns at protests. The way the post was written, it was obvious to see that it was written by an anti-gun liberal as it named a KKK member at Charlottesville for having a gun and pointing it at the counter-protesters. The author was definitely blaming the white supremacists for the violence in Charlottesville when it was the armed counter-protesters who started the violence in the first place.

The author turned to anti-gun organizations for information, also indicating the liberal leaning of the post. It was pointed out that only 8 states and the District of Columbia have laws that prohibit carrying guns at rallies and protests.

The “summer of hate” reached its apogee in Charlottesville, Virginia, when police didn’t separate clashing white nationalist demonstrators and anti-racist counter-protesters for fear of confronting openly carrying militia members, who showed up to ensure that “free speech” rights were guaranteed.

The militia members weren’t the only ones armed: At least one “Unite The Right” marcher, a Ku Klux Klan member from Maryland named Richard Preston, carried a holstered handgun, which he brandished and then fired toward a counter-protester.

There was nothing the town of Charlottesville could do to prevent the armed paramilitary groups from toting firearms through the streets. Open carry is legal in Virginia; there is no law on the books prohibiting guns at protests; and a state preemption law forbids cities from making their own firearms regulations…

The real cause of the ‘summer of hate’ is hate and a heart filled with sin, anger and godlessness. This generation has been taught there is no God and consequently, they have no real moral law to govern their consciousness. They’ve been taught that the norm is a broken or dysfunctional family and they have no respect for law enforcement or authority. The ‘summer of hate’ will last longer than just the summer until this generation has a revival and return to the God of the Bible, causing a change in their heart. Until then, brace and arm yourself.



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