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Stores like Target are gun free stores which is one of the reasons I don’t shop at Target. In fact, after Target announced they were gun free, there were several armed robberies, which is only ironic.

Stores like Kroger are gun friendly stores which one of the reasons I DO shop at Kroger. Sadly, A Bloomberg funded anti-gun group, Moms Demand Action, ran ads criticizing Kroger for being a gun friendly store.

Would you prefer to shop at a store that allows American citizens the constitutional right to carry firearms or in a gun free store? Which store do you think would be most likely targeted by an armed robber or attacker?

Some chain stores like Target has publicized that they are gun free zones. It was ironic that within weeks of their public announcement, there were several armed robberies at Target stores. The robbers knew they would not face any armed resistance.

Thankfully, Kroger grocery stores has made it known that they are a gun friendly company who honors a citizen’s right carry a gun for self-defense.

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The closest grocery store to me is a Kroger store. We do a lot of our shopping there and to be honest I’ve never seen anyone openly carrying a gun, especially an AK-47 strapped over their shoulder. However, back in 2014, billionaire anti-Second Amendment former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants you to think that Kroger is teaming with right wing gun extremists carrying enough weaponry to fight a small country…

Had Kroger been a gun free zone like Target, the customer getting gas would probably not had been armed with his concealed carry gun and may not have been able to fight off the man attacking him with a metal bar and pair of pliers. Yet, Target doesn’t really care about customer safety as much as Kroger does, so I hope you keep that in mind the next time you go shopping.




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