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Mr. Renard LeBron is the poster boy for gun rights.

The poor man had his home broken into on 3 consecutive days and each time either he or his home were damaged in the attacks.

Finally, on the third day while his home was being invaded for the third time, LeBron responded by using his firearm to protect his property.

Tuesday morning, Renard LeBron returned to his home near 80th and Harney Streets to find a man on the second floor, wielding a baseball bat.

LeBron, 60, suffered bruises near his eyes and a knot on his forehead, but was able to defend himself as the man fled.

Wednesday morning, LeBron discovered a blue sedan in the driveway of his house. The car was driven away as LeBron waited for Omaha police to arrive. Officers later found pry marks on an open downstairs door, indicating forced entry.

Thursday morning, LeBron found another man inside his home. He shot that man once in the stomach, he told police, who arrived about 8:15 a.m.

If LeBron did not have a gun and was unable to defend himself he could never be assured of his own safety. All over America, people living in (or near) poverty are forced to live in neighborhoods and communities that are not safe. In many of these places the police simply cannot respond to reports of criminal activity in a swift manner because they are overworked and under-funded. For these people the only way to defend their property, or to defend their lives is to take that defense into their own hands.

To do this, they must be able to carry firearms. Oftentimes the criminals choose victims who are weaker, older, or seemingly defenseless. The only way these innocent people can survive in the face of the dangerous criminal element is if they are able defend themselves from their attacker, and the only way to do that is with a gun.

Mr. LeBron is the perfect example of why we all need the 2nd Amendment.

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