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While the left continues to bully and bluster their way through the court of public opinion, stomping about like a petulant, unattended child, a handful of nefarious narratives are playing out around the nation.

We have the democratic cabal gruesomely clinging to the graves of dead children in Santa Fe, Texas and Parkland, Florida, wailing and sobbing one minute and hamming it up for the camera the next.  We have pundits and politicians practically tripping over one another in order to be the first to exploit these miniature corpses.

It’s a horrifying analogy, but a necessary one.

They have used this visceral, guttural reaction to tragedy to guilt the opposition into conceding on the second most important thing that our Founding Fathers guaranteed us:  The right to bear arms.

This week, this sentiment has gone too far.

Republican Gov. Charlie Baker signed a bill on Tuesday allowing for temporary gun confiscation without any due process in Massachusetts.

Bill H4670 enables the police, a family or household member, including roommates, relatives or significant others, to remove firearms, firearm identification cards and ammunition from any individual deemed to be a danger to oneself or others.

Surrendered goods can be confiscated for up to one year, with the ability to renew the order, but an individual can try to appeal the ruling. (RELATED: Gun Groups File Massive 923-Page Objection Against ATF’s Bump Stock Ban [VIDEO])

Baker defended the so-called ‘red flag law’ over twitter calling it a “model for the nation.”

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If you’re failing to see how this is a repeal of the Second Amendment, let me explain:

The Second Amendment cannot be infringed.  It’s right there in the text of the Bill of Rights:  Shall not be infringed.  If Massachusetts authorities come to your house and remove your guns without you having your day in court, that sure as hell qualifies for infringement.

And do we all remember what happened the last time a bunch of Bostonians were oppressed by a tyrannical government in such a way:

But I suppose the liberal left may not actually recall this lesson, as they’ve been busy doing their fair share of history revisionism as of late.






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