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Given the mass hysteria that the left has cultivated surrounding the Second Amendment, it’s almost surprising that mainstream television personalities would even engage in their bloviated banter at all.

The liberals and their progressive posse have spent almost the entirety of 2018, and the decade before, attempting to scare Americans out of their guns, and, in turn, out of their Constitutional right to own them.  By employing the false ideologies regarding “assault rifles”, and by constantly celebrating our nation’s young mass murderers through their “news” coverage, there is little chance that the left is doing more good than harm.

That’s why, when Meghan McCain took a stand for the Second Amendment during today’s episode of The View, Americans applauded.

The co-hosts brought up the latest high school massacre and discussed musician’s Kelly Clarkson’s Sunday night comments at the Billboard Awards, which saw the artist call for gun control, as well as what the word “change” actually means.

McCain said, “We’ve had this conversation before and we’re always talking about gun control. We said before, OK — AR-15s, all semi-assault rifles, if they are banned, this won’t happen. That’s obviously not accurate in this case.”

“He had a pipe bomb, a molotov cocktail and a carbon dioxide device, which, by the way, are things you can make in your house,” she added.

The alleged killer reportedly used a revolver and a shotgun during Friday’s massacre, which took the lives of at least 10 people.

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McCain was unafraid to address the elephant in the room as well.

“I know we don’t want to talk about mental illness,” she admitted, and went on to ask what it is about young males who can’t deal with female rejection.

“What is it about young boys in our culture who are rejected by girls,” she asked, “and then your only option that you think is to somehow go and commit a massacre at your school against that girl?”

Of course, McCain’s opinions run counter to much of the liberal narrative that steers the political-entertainment media, and will always find itself being shouted down by some liberal moral high-ground.

Meghan isn’t wrong, however, and until we get to the bottom of the mental illness issues within our nation, these mass killings will not stop…guns or no guns.


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