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In a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg reused a tired old lie of the leftist gun grabbers. He told the Times that the number of combined gun deaths in America outnumbered the total number of combined military deaths in American history.

This year there will be 31,000 people killed with illegal handguns, 12,000 murdered, 19,000 [will] commit suicide. And there have been more people killed with illegal handguns than soldiers that have died since the Revolutionary War through today in defense of our country.

He’s wrong, but he’s also not the first lefty to make this argument.

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Here’s the problem with these numbers – they aren’t anywhere close to accurate, even by the most “conservative” standards.

Conservative estimates put the number of military dead during the Civil War north of 600K. WWII was just over 400K, WWI was over 100K… and there have been many more conflicts that our military has been involved in over the years (including the Revolutionary War, Vietnam, Korea, etc.). We’ve destroyed this little pet liberal lie of an argument by just looking at casualties from 3 wars.

Breitbart further exposes the insidiousness of Bloomberg’s work (and his lies).

The former New York City mayor continues to decry gun violence while ignoring the reality that as more and more legal guns are purchased throughout the United States, and more and more people become licensed to carry concealed, violent crime and gun crime have both been trending down.

As we’ve recently discussed the data is clear, more guns mean less crime.

A study from the Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC) shows during the time period 2007 to 2015, the percentage of adults with carry permits rose 190% and violent crime fell by 18%.

The cut-off year is 2015 because it is “the last full year that crime data is available.” ”

According to CPRC,  from 2007 to 2015 the “murder rates fell from 5.6 [per 100,000] to 4.9 per 100,000. This represents a 12.5% drop.” At the same time, “overall violent crime fell by 18 percent.” And again, these drops are coinciding with a 190% increase in “the percentage of adults with permits.”

All of this was happening even as the number of concealed carry permit holders was climbing to its highest numbers ever. The study’s basic point is asserted in this line:

“Regression estimates show a significant association between increased permit ownership and drops in murder and violent crime rates. Each one percentage point increase in rates of permit-holding is associated with a roughly 2.5 percent drop in the murder rate. This holds true even after accounting for incarceration rates, the number of police per capita, and other demographics.”

Or, in simpler terms… more legal gun owners means less crime.

Bloomberg and his leftwing, gun grabbing pals are wrong, again.


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