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A Republican legislator from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is working hard to make life more free for the people of Michigan. Rep. Beau Lafave (R) has written legislation that would make it legal for residents to carry a concealed weapon into a “gun free” zone.

Currently, Michigan law dictates that you cannot carry a concealed weapon into bars, churches, hospitals, schools, and most sporting events. Lafave wants the law changed to practically eliminate the so-called “gun free” zones.


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“If you have a FBI background check, you did the training, you got finger prints on file with the FBI and you’ve got your permit, why in the world are we disarming people that are law abiding citizens?” Rep. Beau Lafave asked.

His legislation goes further than other similar statutes in that it even allows Michiganders to carry into their local bar… as long as they aren’t going to be drinking.

“I’m sure there’s going to be a bad actor out there who gets drunk and uses his pistol. And unfortunately, that happens in Michigan all the time, but no law introduce is going to stop that. So, we need to make sure the law-abiding citizens have an ability to defend themselves wherever they are in public,” he told local news outlets.

Why would Lafave include bars in his legislation? Lafave points to the horrific attack at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando from 2016 to argue that even people in bars should have the right and the ability to defend themselves from an attacker.

“I wish there was somebody there that could have stop that. And if a law-abiding Michigander had been carrying, I think there would have been return fire in the other direction,” Lafave opined.

Interestingly, the effort mirrors one that is ongoing in the state of Florida where Republican lawmakers are still working to repeal the gun free zones in the Sunshine State.

The Miami Herald reports that Florida Sen. Dennis Baxley and Rep. Don Hahnfedlt have proposed legislation to nix restrictions on where permit-holders can carry concealed weapons. If it passes, it would allow concealed guns at the 15 types of locations where they’re currently prohibited in the state.

This includes jails, police stations, courthouses, schools, polling places, airports and locations where alcohol is sold.

According to the Herald, Hahnfedlt said they would keep restrictions imposed by the federal government, and private-property owners could also ban concealed guns.

Baxley called the current gun-free zones an “illusion” and said that, “perpetrators of violence do not care what your rules are and are armed. This bill eliminates the sterile target we have created with noble intentions.”

The data on gun free zones is clear – they don’t work. More mass shootings take place in “gun free” zones than outside of them, and that in and of itself should be telling for liberals. Sadly, they fail to see the inherent attraction that the madman bent on destruction has toward gun free zones. The simple fact is that eliminating gun free zones would make everyone safer.


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