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During the Obama era gun ownership in America exploded to new, never-before-seen levels. Americans acquired guns and concealed carry permits by the truckload, driven by concerns that Obama and his Democrat cronies would do everything they could to undermine the 2nd Amendment and make it harder for Americans to defend themselves. While Leftists Democrats tried hard to enact new more stringent gun laws, the American people were able to stop them from doing so and they quickly handed the reins of power back to the 2nd Amendment defending GOP.

Now that the GOP is in charge the rate of new licenses has slowed, and the rate of purchase of new firearms has also decreased. However, there are a few subgroups who are picking up the gun sales and licensing slack, namely minorities.

Perhaps the Democrats use of “identity politics” has worked too well, and some minority groups actually worry that the GOP will “target” them in the coming days. Sure, there is no evidence of this whatsoever, but the Democrats have been fearmongering about it for a while so some minority Americans may actually believe it could happen. Or perhaps, some minority groups are beginning to realize that gun rights’ advocates have been right all along and the best way to defend yourself from criminals (and the government) is to be armed.

Either way, while gun sales and licensing has slowed, minority Americans are actually getting more guns and permits than ever before. The trend is even being led by a surprising sub-group, African-American women.

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From RT:

A new report published this month by the Crime Prevention Research Center, founded by gun advocate John Lott, shows there are more than 16.3 million concealed handgun permits in the US, a 1.83 million increase since last July. More Americans carry guns today than in 2007, when there were 4.6 million permits.

The report said women are largely fueling the increase. Among the eight states that had data from 2012 to 2016, permits for men grew by 22 percent and permits for women soared by 93 percent. In the 14 states with 2016 data on sex, women now make up 36 percent of permit holders.

Over the same period, the number of African Americans with permits increased 30 percent faster than the number of whites with permits. African Americans now make up 11 percent of permit holders.

A recent Pew poll supports the data from the Crime Prevention Research Center:

A study by the Pew Research Center released this month indicated that just 16 percent of “non-white women” identified themselves as gun owners, compared with about 25 percent of white women. Other Pew surveys in recent years have shown a growing acceptance of firearms among African-Americans: In 2012, one found that less than a third of Black households viewed gun ownership as positive; three years later, that number had jumped. By then, 59 percent of Black families saw owning guns as a necessity.

The rising trend in gun ownership and concealed carry licensure among minority communities is reason for conservatives and 2nd Amendment supporters across the nation to cheer. As the data continues to prove, as more law abiding citizens begin to own guns crime rates (including violent crime and gun crime) continue to drop. Also, as more and more minority voters begin availing themselves of their right to bear arms, we’ll see more support for gun freedom at the ballot box. The rise in gun ownership in minority communities is a win-win for all Americans and we should celebrate it as such.


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