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Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant, a Republican, has long been a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and the right to own and bear arms. Last year, he signed a permitless carry (constitutional carry) bill into law in his state. Over the weekend, he spoke to a group of college students in Atlanta, where the NRA was holding its annual convention.

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant on Saturday urged a small group of college students and others to take up arms in defense of the Second Amendment.

“If you think the left isn’t coming for your guns, look at Australia, he said. “The only thing the left is upset about, the only thing they fear is the Second Amendment.”

His remarks came at a college leadership forum during the National Rifle Association’s annual convention in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday.   

Gov. Bryant was wrong in one thing he told the students. He told them the only thing the left fears is the Second Amendment, when in reality, they fear and loathe everything about the conservative right. They fear what the conservatives will do in governing America, which why so many of the left are still throwing their temper tantrums over Donald Trump’s victory last November.



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