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Muslim migrants are the very ones that liberals are fight to “prove” their “peacefulness.” So I find it ironic that not only are Islamic extremists blowing up innocent people, or slaughtering innocent people, but now this group of Muslim migrants are inciting terror and making people believe that they are about to be killed.

It is chaos and it is uncalled for. What would be the point of firing replica guns in crowds of people and yelling “Allahu Akbar” which translates into “Praise Allah,” unless their plan was to do nothing but create terror.


By Simon Osborne, The Express, Jan 31, 2017:

Local media said four teenagers were screaming chant, which translates as “God is greatest”[sic – greater (than your God)]  in Arabic, while waving and firing replica weapons.Witness Amer Albayati, an Austrian-Iraqi journalist and terrorism expert, said passengers panicked and tried to get away from teenagers during the incident near the Schweglerstrasse station.One passenger tried to overpower the migrant mob and managed bundle them off the train.Police spokesman Thomas Keiblinger said the incident was under investigation and that officers were searching for four youngsters aged between 10 and 16-years-old.

Imagine being present and literally thinking you are about to die…..or this could have even caused their own deaths. What if one of the people in that crowd was  concealed carrier of a REAL gun? Idiots.


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