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On Tuesday, the L.A. Clippers J.J. Redick suggested it is time for the Second Amendment to evolve to allow gun control.

He referenced the Second Amendment while talking about collegiate sports, contending that NCAA basketball players ought to be paid. In fact, Redick jumped from announcing the end of “amateurism” in collegiate sports to declaring the end of a Second Amendment that protects 21st century firearms.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Redick said:

The idea of amateurism, it doesn’t exist anymore. And so if you’re going to do what you’re doing, then you just need that complete overhaul. It’s got to be something radical. It’s not just, ‘Oh, let’s just pay every player $5,000.’ It really requires something really radical. And maybe that’s getting rid of college athletics as we know it.

He paraphrased a Thomas Jefferson quote to segue to guns, saying,…



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