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To what length would you go to, to save the lives of two 3-month-old twins? Would you be willing to shoot someone if they were intentionally trying to kill the twin babies? That’s what happened in Ada, Oklahoma when a man was found trying to drown the twins in a bathtub. A neighbor called to the rescue shot the man twice in the back, killing him and saving the twins.

I can still vividly recall an incident that took place many years ago when I was a high school sophomore. It was a Saturday morning around 8am when we (my parents and younger sister and myself) heard someone pounding on our door and screaming. It was the girl that lived next door. She was a senior at that same school I attended. She was naked and dripping wet. We immediately wrapped her in a towel and managed to learn that her father had just shot and killed her mother and had come after her while she was in the shower. She managed to escape out the back door and ran to us for help. My dad and I grabbed guns and headed over to the house.

My dad told me not to shoot the man unless he threatened either of us. Just as we reached their door, we heard a shot and then nothing. After a short wait, dad opened the door to find that the dad had shot himself in the head. His body lay only a few feet from his wife. My dad and I talked with the police when they arrived and we were both asked if we were prepared to shoot the neighbor if need be and we both said yes, if it meant saving our lives. We were both thankful we didn’t have to shoot him, but yes, dad and I were both prepared to take a man’s life to save our own.

How would you react? Would you be willing to take someone’s life to save your own or the life of another person? What about if that other person was a child or baby? Would you be more inclined to shoot someone to save the life of a child or infant?

Cash Freeman did what most of us would do in the same situation. He used lethal force to save the lives of two helpless infants. Now he fears he might face legal charges for his heroic actions. Do you think he should face any criminal charges for his actions or be awarded a medal for his heroism? If the district attorney does file any charges against Freeman for saving the babies, then the district attorney should be removed from office.




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