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Many states have castle doctrine laws that give legal protection to anyone who defends themselves when they feel threatened by someone else. Some of those laws also protect the person from being sued by the criminal or the criminal’s family for any injuries or death the criminal incurs in the commission of his or her crime.

Many liberals fight to do away with castle doctrine laws. They care more about criminals than they do about the American public.

One such liberal Democrat is a Nevada state senator who has introduced a bill to not only do away with the state’s castle doctrine law but to also allow anyone protecting themselves, their home or their family to be sued by the criminal or criminal’s family for any injuries or death they incur.

Imagine you finding an intruder in your house trying to rape your daughter or wife. What would you do? If the Nevada bill passes, you could be sued for everything you own if do anything to protect them and injure or kill the intruder in the process.

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