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New Jersey is one of the most over-taxed, over-regulated, and over-legislated states in the Union. While the Garden State can be beautiful and interesting, it’s also far too close to being fascist for me to ever consider moving there.

Even with a Republican Governor that still sometimes pretends to be a conservative who defends liberty, New Jersey has some of the most draconian anti-2nd Amendment laws in the nation. Innocent, law abiding citizens routinely find themselves in dire legal straits because of the horribly unconstitutional laws in New Jersey.

Is there any hope for New Jersey’s citizens on the horizon? Well, there could be… depending on who they elect as their next Governor.

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Here’s where the candidates for the job stand on guns and you’ll notice a big difference between their positions.


Kim Guadagno – Republican

Republican nominee Kim Guadagno, the state’s lieutenant governor, has an “A” rating with the National Rifle Association, though much of that may result from the fact she has no prior history as a legislator.

During a Facebook Live with the Asbury Park Press editorial board, Guadagno insisted that “I wouldn’t change the gun laws, simple as that.”

That was on Oct. 4.

A week later, however, Guadagno said she was open to “harsher penalties” for those who illegally buy a handgun or use one while committing a crime, “enhancing enforcement of existing gun laws” and “more mental health background checks.”

And after a gunman opened fire on a crowd in Las Vegas killing 58 and wounding more than 500 by modifying his rifles with “bump stocks” — an aftermarket device that harnesses a rifle’s recoil to allow it to fire at the same rate as an automatic weapon — she told reporters earlier this month that “the bump stocks should go.”

Guadagno has stated that she favors allowing residents from other states to carry concealed weapons in New Jersey if they were licensed to do so in their home state.

Phil Murphy – Democrat

Democratic nominee Phil Murphy makes no bones about his desire to tighten New Jersey’s gun laws.

He says he would “start by signing every piece of gun violence prevention legislation that Gov. Christie has vetoed.”

At the top of that long list is legislation that would prevent gang members and domestic abusers from accessing firearms.

In January 2016, while seeking the GOP nomination for president, Christie vetoed legislation that would have blocked carjackers or those convicted of gang activity or terroristic threats from owning or purchasing a firearm here.

Murphy would also mandate gun safety training, requiring that no one should be able to purchase a firearm without first attending a gun safety training course.

He also favors an existing Garden State law requiring all gun retailers to carry “at least one” so-called “smart gun” once commercially available to consumers. Smart guns recognize their owners, and only fire for them, usually using fingerprint recognition or because the owner is wearing a radio-frequency transmitter.

However, the chances of the “smart gun” law taking effect here are slim. In May 2015, one of the first gun sellers planning to offer the gun dropped plans to do after being threatened by Second Amendment activists determined to stop the New Jersey smart gun-only law from taking effect..

Like Guadagno, he also supports timely reporting of mental illness episodes to the national background check database. But he also goes a step further, saying he would make it a crime to sell guns without conducting a mandatory background check.

He would also require individuals to register their firearms kept in the state — something not currently required under state law, which only demands that new firearm purchases be recorded.

Finally, Murphy wants to impose a new surcharge on all gun sales that would fund law enforcement, drug treatment centers, and mental health services. 

On guns, at least, the choice is clear. If you want fascism and leaders who continue to ignore the Constitution, then you should vote for the Democrat. If you want any hope at returning to a principle, pro-liberty position… then you have to vote for Kim Guadagno.


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