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The fight for the Second Amendment has always been a difficult one in the northeast, as liberals on the Atlantic seaboard tend to look to New York City for their imbecilic inspiration.

This means that the good people of states such as New Jersey are constantly getting the shaft from local lawmakers when it comes to exercising their right to bear arms as intended by the Founding Fathers and the Constitution.

As such, republican legislators in the Garden State has repeatedly turned to a number of reliable allies in their fight for representation on the subject, including soliciting help from the formidable folks at The National Rifle Association and a particularly dedicated local man from the town of Wall.

“Thomas R. Rogers, described as a Wall businessman who services ATM machines in high-crime areas, and the Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs Inc. filed a federal lawsuit Monday seeking to have what they said were New Jersey’s ‘draconian’ gun restrictions declared unconstitutional.

“The lawsuit, supported by the NRA, asserts that New Jersey’s restrictions on carrying guns violate the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

“New Jersey’s law limits the right to carry firearms outside the home to those individuals who can show they have a ‘justifiable need’ to do so, according to the lawsuit.

“In order to do that, the individual ‘must establish specific or serious threats or previous attacks which put him in special and unavoidable danger to obtain a permit from the state to carry a firearm in public,’ the suit says.

“The effect is ‘to make it wholly illegal for typical law-abiding citizens to carry handguns in public – for by definition, these ordinary citizens cannot show that they face a serious or specific, unavoidable threat that poses a special danger to their safety,’ the suit said.”

While the lawsuit has been well covered in the media previously, this important development regarding the NRA’s support is relatively new, and a good sign for those looking to continue exercising their freedoms in New Jersey.

The right to carry, concealed or open, has been interpreted a number of bizarre ways by democrats who have no real understanding of the original impetus of our nation’s Constitution.  These legal battles often dictate the national narrative on guns in an absurdly-weighted way that allows the left to wholly vindicate themselves every time a firearm is so much as discharged within the borders of their liberal safe havens.

Finally, the people of New Jersey could take back some of their God-given rights from those who choose to infringe upon them.

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