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Oftentimes we conservatives are labeled as “anti-government” and we’re called “conspiracy theorists” because we believe that the government is more often a force for evil than for good.

We point to leftwing states trending towards fascism (like California, New York, Illinois, and New Jersey) as our evidence that we’re not being paranoid when we worry about the leviathan-like growth of the government.

The laws they pass can be illogical, are often oppressive, and sometimes they are even counter-productive. But liberals don’t care, because they’re not worried about the “effectiveness” of their bad laws, they’re more concerned with power. They want more of it and they want their citizens to have less of it.

Which brings us to New York’s ridiculous perspective on guns – where legal, law abiding gun owners can get into trouble even if they do everything exactly as they are supposed to. Listen as John Stossel explains how the fascist Empire State is harassing gun owning tourists in their ever-present vendetta against liberty.

If you have a gun, don’t fly out of New York with it! Almost every week, New York City arrests someone who brings a gun to the airport–even when the person has a gun license from their state, notifies authorities about the gun and follows TSA procedures for flying with it. John Stossel interviews people who were arrested and confronts the assistant district attorney who prosecutes them.

In its battle against guns, New York City traumatizes law-abiding gun owners who pass through New York and its airports with guns. One man was even arrested for traveling with an empty magazine.

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