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Florida Police reported that 34-year-old Russ Sorn, attended a gentleman’s club, Club Lus, on Friday night. While there, he went into the restroom and attempted to take a selfie with his gun. However, Sorn accidentally fired his gun and and sent a bullet hurling into the women’s restroom.

Then he attempted to flee but police caught and arrested him.

“Only people who know what they are doing should use the guns for hunting, target practice or to defend yourself,” said St. Petersburg police spokesman Rick Shaw. “They don’t have any idea that the gun is loaded. Most people don’t have any idea what they are doing with a semi-automatic weapon. They don’t realize that there is a chambered round. They will take the clip out, and there is still a live round.”


Thankfully the bullet did not strike a person. It did hit a wall an mirror, though.

Sorn was charged as felon, due to his criminal history, with possession of a firearm and also for having “controlled substances” on him.

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