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Road rage is an emotion that many of us have felt on some level. However, unless you’re just crazy, you don’t ever actually act out upon that rage. Your knuckles may turn a few shades of white as you grip the steering wheel and yell, but then you continue on your way and that’s the end of it.

Sadly, that’s not always the case. I had a friend in high school whose older sister apparently angered someone on the road. The woman followed her home, then proceeded to walk up to her and shoot her in the head. My friend’s sister was only 21.

Now there is a report of a Michigan man who shot and killed another driver in a road-rage dispute. However, according to Kent County Prosecutor Chris Becker, there will not be any charges filed!

Why not? He said that prosecutors couldn’t “prove beyond a reasonable doubt” that he did not shoot in self-defense.

Michigan Live reports:

The incident happened around 3:20 a.m. May 22 on M-37, near Sparta Avenue NW.

Donald Dudley, 20, of Bailey, was killed. His brother, Benjamin Dudley, 18, was seriously injured by gunfire.

Robert Chipman Jr., 43, who held a valid concealed-pistol license shot the two after the road-rage incident. He told police he fired his gun during a physical altercation, Kent County sheriff’s deputies said.

The Dudleys were in a Chevrolet Cavalier driven by a 22-year-old Wyoming woman. She initially fled after shots were fired but stopped and called 911.

Chipman and one of the Dudleys were going to their jobs when the trouble started on M-37. Eventually, both drivers pulled over.

“The facts clearly show Robert was not the aggressor, the two brothers were,” Becker wrote in a report.

“In this case, the altercation was at least two-on-one, with the possibility of it being three-on-one,” Becker wrote.

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Do you agree with this verdict? Do you think that he was simply shooting to protect himself?


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