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If you’re a democrat, your formula is simple:  Exploit tragedy to receive the emotional upper hand, shame your enemies mercilessly for their differing opinion, then guilt the nation’s millennials into voting for you.

While this has certainly worked for the left in the past, (constantly), to truly appreciate the level of sophistication involved we would need to shed our dignity and our tact in order to truly embrace the role – something that no self-respecting American should be forced to do.

So, when you see politicians running toward the victims of a tragedy, such as the Parkland, Florida school shooting, that should be an automatic “red flag” that an ugly and uncouth exploitation is on the way.

Such was the case in Florida, where Governor Rick Scott recently bowed down to liberal pressure on gun rights.

“Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed a sweeping $400-million school safety bill on Friday, enacting significant gun control measures in the state for the first time since the GOP took control of the Legislature more than two decades ago.

“But the staunch Republican and longtime National Rifle Assn. member did not use his line-item veto authority to remove funding for what many consider the most contentious part of the legislation — a program that allows school employees to bring firearms on campus.”

Scott’s move was decried by critics as being more than a little capitulatory to the democratic left, who we certainly don’t want to be encouraging to continue with their inexcusable behavior.

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Now, in response to Scott’s push, the National Rifle Association is fighting back.

“The National Rifle Association reacted Friday with a federal lawsuit after Florida lawmakers approved gun legislation that would raise the age to buy guns. The group’s argument: that the proposed law violates the Second Amendment.

“Chris Cox, executive director of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Acton, has matainted that the bill ‘punishes law-abiding gun owners for the criminal acts of a deranged individual.’

“The lawsuit is asking a federal judge to block the new age restriction from taking effect.”

While the future of this lawsuit, and the legislation that it’s looking to nullify, are both up in the air, that hasn’t stopped Americans from lashing out on Twitter against Rick Scott’s decision.


Organizations such as the Firearms Policy Coalition have raised serious concerns regarding the legality of age requirements for the purchase of rifles, stating that the move is very likely in direct violation of the Second Amendment.


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