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Once again, the liberal anti-American anti-Second Amendment media has demonstrated just how blinded they are by their socialist ideology. The New York Times reacted to the calls for more firearms in the hands of law abiding citizens by wondering why anyone would want to live in a country where everyone was armed with a gun for self-defense. They just don’t’ get it, do they?

When the Alexandria attack led to call for Congress to pass national reciprocity so citizens can protect themselves, the New York Times responded by suggesting no one wants to live in society where everyone is armed for self-defense.

The NYT said the desire to arm up for self-defense is “an entirely reasonable reflex” after such an attack, but the editorial board believes actually doing it is a step too far.

According to NYT, “The reaction of some [the Alexandria attack] was that the only solution is yet more guns. Representative Mo Brooks of Alabama, who was among those who came under fire on Wednesday, said, ‘It’s not easy to take when you see people around you being shot and you don’t have a weapon yourself.’” …

Someone should ask the writer of the New York Times post why criminals, mass shooters and terrorists target gun free zones like schools, nightclubs and workplaces instead of gun friendly places like bars where police hang out? The NYT post is another example to prove their anti-gun push has nothing to do with reducing crime and everything to do with their socialist agenda to disarm the American people.



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