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Ohio is one of the states that passed a law a couple of years ago, to allow teachers and faculty members, with district approval, to be properly trained and licensed, to carry concealed weapons at school. The move was made to help protect YOUR kids. Hundreds of teaches and staff applied for limited spots in training courses, showing that they do care about your kids’ safety.

Concealed handgun permit holders caught carrying on school grounds and other gun-free sites would no longer be subject to prison time under a bill introduced in the Ohio House.

Rep. John Becker, a Clermont County Republican, sponsored a bill decriminalizing the violation. Under House Bill 233, a concealed handgun license holder, with a concealed firearm, discovered in a gun-free zone must leave upon request…

Sometimes, a legally permitted concealed carry person forgets that they are carrying their gun when they pick their kids up from school or entering other gun-free zones. That should not constitute being charge and convicted of a felony nor does it deserve prison time, which would ban them from ever owning a gun.




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