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Many businesses run by liberals have policies banning all firearms from company property. These rules have been used to restrict employees from keeping concealed carry weapons in their vehicles parked in company parking lots. However, a new bill introduced into the Ohio Senate would protect employee Second Amendment rights and allow them to file a lawsuit against employers who ban concealed carry weapons in private vehicles on company property.

Business groups are fighting an Ohio Senate proposal that will open them up to civil lawsuits by employees and others who bring handguns on to company property.

“For us this isn’t a concealed carry issue as much as this is an employer rights issue,” said Chris Kershner, vice president, public policy & economic development for the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce.

“Employers should be able to manage the actions in their private business on their private property, period.”

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Ohio’s newly expanded concealed carry law – passed in December as Senate Bill 199 – lets people with concealed carry permits bring their guns onto private property regardless of the policies and wishes of the company or property owner…

I’ve always questioned whether an employer has the right to control what an employee has in their private vehicle. The vehicle and everything in it belong to the employee, not the business, so why should the business be allowed to dictate what the employee has in their private vehicle as long as it is not an illegal item. Since Ohio expanded their concealed carry law, it’s legal to have a concealed carry weapon in your vehicle, so should not an employee have the right to keep that weapon in their vehicle?




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